Best Place To Sell Jewelry In Orlando

Do you have a box of jewelry that no longer excites you, or are you looking to make quick money from your gold chain? Perhaps you’re in search of a buyer for your engagement ring? At Orlando Jewelry Buyers, you’re assured of getting the best price for your jewelry. We offer the most competitive prices in all of Central Florida and beyond.

In addition, we pride ourselves on being transparent and providing high-quality services to our clients. We happily appraise all items that are brought in and buy a wide range of jewelry, including scrap gold, gold coins, silver coins, loose diamonds, fine china, platinum jewelry, and designer jewelry. Our top-notch services have made us the best place to sell jewelry in Orlando.

How to Avoid Scammers While Selling Your Jewelry

If you have a piece of valuable jewelry you wish to sell and raise some cash; you can avoid getting ripped off by:

  • Educating Yourself on How to Value Your Jewelry – It’s important to understand the value of your jewelry before looking for a buyer. There is so much useful information online that can show you how to self-value jewelry. This will stop unscrupulous buyers from capitalizing on your ignorance.
  • Comparing Prices – An easy way to tell the real value of your piece of jewelry is to check the price of a similar item on sale. Credible sites online can help you find out the market value of your jewelry.
  • Consulting Several Appraisers – Get highly skilled and certified appraisers to appraise your piece of jewelry. It’s advisable not just to consult one appraiser but two or three to do the job. Several recognized bodies in the U.S. have reliable appraisers such as the American Society of Appraisers and the International Society of Appraisers. These professionals charge a reasonable fee for their services.
  • Separating the Gems – When selling your items, separate them and sell each piece on its own. For instance, if you own a gold chain that has a diamond pendant, have the chain and the pendant appraised separately and sell them differently to avoid being ripped off.
  • Finding A Reliable Buyer – Do your research before settling on a buyer for your valuable items. Look for a jewelry buyer who has a track record of being trustworthy and offers competitive prices. A buyer who has many positive reviews and has been in the business for several years is highly recommended.

What to Look for in A Good Jewelry Buyer

  • Transparency – Find a trustworthy buyer who openly conducts dealings. The buyer should evaluate the quality and value of your jewelry right in front of you. Also, the jewelry buyer should disclose the method used to arrive at the said value of an item.
  • Safety – You need to take safety measures to make sure your jewelry is safe and insured against loss, theft, or damage while in transit.
  • Offers Competitive Prices – A good jewelry buyer offers the prices that reflect the market value of the item. Prices fluctuate from time to time. As such, it’s important for the buyer to be up to date with the latest market price for valuable items.

Sell Your Jewelry to Us

At Orlando Jewelry Buyers, you are sure to get competitive prices for your jewelry. We provide excellent customer service to all our customers. No doubt, we are the best place to sell jewelry in Orlando. Give us a call today on 407-645-4653 for any questions.

Best Place To Sell Jewelry In Orlando

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